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Commentary: Trust

16052978521“Adopt a regimen of health, practice moderate exercise, and take just enough food and drink to restore our strength, not overburden it.”
–Cicero, 44 BC

I just love this quote that my friend Sara once shared. It subscribes to the school of thought that as humans, we need to trust ourselves and our bodies to take just enough, do just enough — but to do nothing to excess. (HA — as Americans, isn’t EVERYTHING we do to excess?!)

Ironically, one of the tenets of the diet/weight loss industry is that we are incapable, as humans, to trust ourselves to just eat enough and exercise just enough.

We fall victim to our cravings, and then we “need” diet plans, diet books, guides, calorie counters, iPhone apps, journals, food scales, regular scales to help normalize ourselves. (more…)

12 comments May 6, 2009

Leaving, On a Jet Plane …

View of Vernon from The Cliffs, part of App. Trail

View of Vernon from The Cliffs, part of App. Trail

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a trip home to my visit my parents in N.J., and I couldn’t be more excited.

There’s just something about the house you grew up in, that makes “going home” feel so special … no matter how old you are.

Not to mention, I haven’t been home since April, and haven’t seen my family since Thanksgiving (which was wonderful, but not spent at our house — so wonderful as it was, it wasn’t the same experience). My brother lives in L.A. so I won’t see him, but my sister lives in NYC and she’s coming home, too.

The moment I see the gorgeous Manhattan skyline come into view from the air, my heart usually starts to pound with excitment, knowing Newark Airport is minutes away (just like it would when we’d fly past San Salvador Volcano and jut out over the Pacific Ocean before turning back and making a landing at Comalapa Airport).

I know my parents will be waiting for me at the baggage carousel … (just like my then-boyfriend, now-husband would be waiting for me after customs)

And ok, I know the “smell” that is this part of Jersey will be greeting me, too.

People like to rip on my home state for its bevy of strip malls, wild, road-raging drivers, stand-still traffic, big-haired/attitude-y women, “guidos,” the beautiful ports of Newark/Elizabeth (a sorry first sight for many of N.J.!), and the ubiquitous Parkway and Turnpike exits from which everyone seems to live off (and The Sopranos only fueled some of those stereotypes!).

But where I’m from — about an hour from Manhattan in northern N.J., it’s rural farm-country and beautiful. My home town (Vernon) is a ski resort community — dotted with mountains and lakes galore. My high school was a 20-min. bus ride and the nearest mall/movie theater is 45 min. away. Until recently, there was only one stop-light in the whole town. But it’s home. (more…)

15 comments February 4, 2009

Obeying Hunger

whatever_clockWhen it’s that time of the month, I crave chocolate like most women. But I also tend be hungrier in general, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

I think this explains why I tend to wake up during the middle of the night during my period; I’m genuinely hungry due to wacky horomonal changes. It’s not mindless, it’s not emotional. It’s hunger.

(I’ve heard before that during mestruation a woman burns an extra several hundred calories a day; not sure how true that is, but if so, it explains a lot!)

The rest of the month, I’ve no real excuse for my midnight wake-ups. My loyal readers know I’ve pondered the “why” for months and not come up with any specific answer. But I can assure you that when I wake during my period, it’s usually for a good reason.

And when I woke the other night and found myself in the kitchen, I went for 2 T of PB.

Yes, I spent 5 points on PB at 2 a.m … but it was well-worth it. I just docked them from Tuesday’s meal plan. (more…)

10 comments January 13, 2009

Internal Battle: Me vs. Me

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There’s an internal battle going on inside of me. Actually there are two, and they’re related.

On the one hand, I want to be “free” from the chains of dieting, which I talked about yesterday, being tenet “numero uno” of Intuitive Eating.

I know that this will be the next step toward overcoming my disordered eating habits, which have really been dwindled down in the past two months to the occasional midnight snack and the now-more-frequent chewing-and-spitting incidents.

But on the other hand, I feel like my life is in this state of limbo right now, and since I don’t have the freedom at home to prep-cook and plan and since a lot of meals are uncertain, the only thing keeping my sanity seems to be counting Points and my daily workouts.

And then making matters worse, my lovely monthly visitor arrives today, wreaking havoc on my emotions. I don’t like the person I become for two to three days each month. And now, my behavior matters even more, as I have an audience (our visitors).

I’ve been told that perhaps I am focusing too much on “me” during this time and I ought to direct my emotions toward my husband and giving him the ability to enjoy his visit with his family.

Perhaps I have been too selfish. People who know me well know I wear my heart on my sleeve; that I am a giver, generous, thoughtful … But this person I stare at in the mirror lately is full of rage, loathing, distaste…she’s ugly.

This isn’t how I want to be.

So for today, I’d like to not fight myself. I don’t want to be selfish. I don’t want to dislike the “me” I am at the moment.

And if I can’t handle breaking 100% from the dieting mentality right now, so be it. I’d rather count Points and keep up my workouts and maintain my sanity then go off the deep end because I can’t handle all the changes at once.

I’m going to give myself credit for what I am doing right now: continuing my exercise regimen, continuing to eat healthy, and not letting an uncomfortable situation turn me into a binge monster.

(OK truth be told I’ve never really had an all-out “binge” the way everyone else defines a binge, but I have snacked mindlessly all the while counting Points … and to me that out-of-control feeling of eating food I don’t need qualifies as a binge).

Bottom line: I do know that Intuitive Eating and Core are where I want to be…and I’ll get there. It might just be at my own pace.

How about you? How do you handle internal battles? What can you give yourself credit for today?

12 comments August 26, 2008

Intuitive Eating

Though I am still not through The Four-Day Win by Martha Beck, I’d been wanting to read Intuitive Eating for a long time now.

I finally bit the bullet this weekend when it became available through my library’s inter-library exchange program. (Beware: long blog entry ahead!)

Within the first few pages, I realized I am a restrictive eater, even when trying not to be.

I also realized that my “thesis” that dieting led to my disordered eating was proven, granting me a strange sense of validation. In fact, there’s even a whole chapter in this second edition book titled “Intuitive Eating: The Ultimate Path Toward Healing from Eating Disorders,” which I found compelling and timely.

Though “eating disorders” are mostly described, they do also use the expression “disordered eating” several times. And in nearly every case study they offer, it was dieting and the subsequent euphoria/confidence from it that compelled these subjects to, in time, engage in self-destructive behaviors.

I know in my heart of hearts that I didn’t have a problem with eating before dieting and finding success with Weight Watchers.

And though I can’t blame my disordered eating habits solely on food issues–I understand now that it’s a coping mechanism for anxiety–I know that I still do not have a healthy, “normal” relationship with food or exercise. (more…)

16 comments August 25, 2008



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